You’ll Love an IQ Car Wash! 

You and your vehicle will love an IQ Car Wash – it’s Smarter. Cleaner. Greener. Find the nearest IQ Car Wash location NOW and enjoy the following benefits!   

  • Your choice of wash menu options makes it affordable
  • Entering the wash is simple and easy – no guide rails to negotiate
  • 3-D vehicle profilng provides for a safe wash every time, there is no risk of damage to your car
  • Adjusts to your vehicle’s specific size and shape
  • Reaches even those hard-to-get areas so your car will come out totally clean
  • Wheel cleaning is included with every wash
  • Even the undercarriage is blasted using multiple nozzles
  • Tri-color foam and LED light shows make your wash fun and exciting
  • Cleans your car every time using less power, water, and chemicals so it is better for the environment when you wash

Check out our IQ video to learn how you can get the best wash your vehicle will ever experience. You may be near one of our many IQ car wash locations across the United States now!

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