IQ 2.0 Touch Free

The D&S  IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System  with  intelligent, 3D profiling technology provides a custom, high-quality wash for every vehicle, giving your customers the cleanest, most reliable wash available on the market today.

The ability to completely scan and map out a vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ 2.0 Touch Free revolutionary and unique. This approach to washing enables the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash to identify important areas of the vehicle (windshield, front grill, back glass, etc.) so that each wash provides optimal cleaning with minimum power, water, and chemical consumption with high-impact turbo nozzles effectively cleaning the vehicle using a lower volume of water.

The IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System is so advanced, it will simplify your work day with its proprietary software precisely controlling every wash. If a technical issue should occur, the IQ 2.0 system automatically sends an alert to your smartphone or email account and to your distributor as well! — to quickly resolve the issue and maximize your equipment’s uptime.

Check out the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Base Model Features, Specifications, and System Options below to see how the feature-packed IQ 2.0 Car Wash System from D&S is The Smarter Choice® for you and your car wash business!

Check out Why Choose an IQ 2.0 for a continuing list of reasons why the IQ Soft Touch 2.0 Car Wash Systems is The Smarter Choice® for a successful car wash business!

Contact us today to discuss with one of our experienced D&S car wash professionals how the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash System can help you achieve your business goals!

Base Package

Lightweight Dual Carriage Drive

  • Synchronous Omega Belts
  • Turbo-Boosted Top Wand Nozzles
  • Rotating Side Wands for Simultaneous Cleaning Action
  • Vehicle Mapping & Profiling
  • Invisible Treadle Design
  • Self-Cleaning Rail & Light Grid Rinse
  • On-Board Wheel Cannon with Chemical Applicator
  • Electric Operation with VFD Motor Control
  • Quick-Connect Motors & Cables
  • In-Bay Voice Commands & In-Position Horn

Dynamic Energy Chain for Power & Chemical Distribution

  • High-Quality, Durable Design
  • Great Stability & Self-Supporting
  • Protects & Conveys Cables & Hoses for X, Y & Z Axis Motion

Ultra-Compact Pump Stand

  • Full-Color Touch-Screen Interface
  • Web-Based Notifications/Access
  • Injector-Based Chemical Delivery System for Pre-Soak, 2-Step, Clear Coat & Wheel Cleaner
  • Spot-Free Rinse Compatibility

Cold Weather Shutdown

“Plug & Play” Installation

7’6″ Vehicle Clearance

IQ Sign Packages (option)

1 Year Limited Warranty

Genius Series Package

Includes All Base Package Features Plus

  • Two Additional Water Sources
  • Tri-Foam System
  • Detergent 2 or 2-Step Pre-Soak
  • Off-Board Undercarriage
  • Bug Off


Vehicle Height (max) 7′ 6″
Vehicle Width (max) 110″
Carriage Width 148″
Carriage Height 112″
Carriage Weight 700 lb
Chemical Pump Stand 24″ w x 32″ d x 53″ h
25 gpm High-Pressure Pump Stand 32″ w x 35″ d x 63″ h
35 gpm High-Pressure Pump Stand 32″ w x 48″ d x 63″ h

Building Requirements

Overhead Rails 32′ (standard length)
Bay Height (minimum) 9′ 8″
Bay Width (minimum) 14′ 6″
Bay Length 33′ 6″ (to fully wash all vehicles)
Bay Length with Dryers 38′ 6″ (to fully wash all vehicles)
Note: Bays may be shorter, but may sacrifice washability on longer vehicles

Electrical Requirements

Carriage 20 amps – 3 ph 208/230V
Chemical Pump Motor 1.5 hp – 3 ph 208/230V
High-Pressure Pump Motor 15 or 30 hp motor – 3 ph 208/230V

Air Requirements

Filtered Dry Air for Chemical Aeration 9 cfm @ 90 psi

Water Requirements

Cold Soft 3/4″
Hot Soft (optional) 3/4″
Spot Free 1-1/2″ (10 gpm) from Storage Tank
RO Reject or Reclaim 1-1/2″ (16 gpm) from Storage Tank

IQ 2.0 Touch Free System Options

  • Over 18′ Bay Width
  • Column Mount Rails
  • Floor Mount Rails
  • Other Rail Length
  • Integrated RO Producer
  • Foaming Wax & LED Light Show
  • 3535 Cat Pump
  • Off-Board Wheel / Rocker Panel Blaster
  • Photo Eye Kit
  • IQ Bay Cross Over
  • Critical Spare Parts Kit
  • Extended Warranty

IQ 2.0 Soft Touch Unexpected Extras

REMOTE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT  You can manage your IQ Car Wash System equipment and wash operation in real time from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Programming of wash recipes is simple and stored in the system’s memory, allowing you to easily retrieve recipes to adjust for seasonal washing conditions.

SYSTEM SELF-MONITORING  The IQ self-monitors all aspects of your car wash. Monitoring of diagnostic codes helps identify small problems before they become big ones. Your distributor can also retrieve diagnostic codes and maintenance data, so problems can be identified and solved without costly distributor trip charges.

INVISIBLE TREADLE  Cars virtually line up in the bay due to the IQ 2.0 vehicle positioning system.  Getting in position is easier, and with no guide rails or hardware on the floor, the bay has a clean “open” look. Together with in-bay signage and IQ Voice Announcer™, the Invisible Treadle works to enhance the total customer experience.

AUTO CASHIERS  The IQ is designed to operate as an unattended automatic car wash and is compatible with most auto cashier systems. No matter which pay station you choose, it will simply connect to our unit and interact with your customers to assist with transactions and marketing your car wash.